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Monday, August 22, 2011

Disini ke Akhirnya ??

Hmm..what a word that i can't tell with My mouth..
Something it really hurt for me to accept what he call me and say to me..
Im just follow he want me to do, and everything..
For all the reason, that something that i ask to him..
Being nice to me and understand with im doing for dis semester..
It a lot of work, I just ask him to put trust on me and believe me ..
But he refuse ...

But, today ?? is that the end of our life or relationship ????
I hope not, i never ask the "broke up" thing to him ..
i love relationship that i have today ..
It hard to me to fall in love once again n start it all over again ..
For me, The Love thing is so hard to describe with word ..

Today ?? with a small fight it turn to a big and huge fight !!
together keep blaming to each other and argue about small thing ..
And at the end, it end with what a "words from him that i can't imagine "
I feel so sad right now, my mind blowing out and keep thinking outside the box !!

right now, i can't thing anything ..
Feeling not well and sad !!

p/s: So many thing happen rarely :(

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