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Monday, February 14, 2011

Day 5

  • Today is the fifth day of that you do not talk to me. when i online, i see you already online, but never once you comment or ask me sumthing
  • why? do you really want this kind of relationship that we are have, if you like being like dis, ok i will folllow ur flow in any direction.
  • why??because I read your status, there are offensive and hurt me da most, I do not understand why dis happen
p/s : sungguh tak sangka..jangan tuduh or wat andaian sendiri if tak tahu pape..saya still sama sebab saya masih wait 4 sumthing..kalu awk y dh decide with ur own decision..ok saya follow je..
tapi saya tengok awak bahagia jer..im happy 3 u :)

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