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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Tag by Siti..

Starting time : 8:16 pm
Name : Fazdilaila Fazilah
Eye Color : Black/Brown
Shoe Size : Em, 5/6:)
Hair : Err, hitam la kott.
Piercing : telinga jer..hahaha
What are you wearing right now : bju tidur .
Height : 159cm
Where do you live : Shah Alam
Favorite Number : Erm, 19 mybe.
Favorite Drink : Fresh Orange
Favorite Month : Disember coz my birthday :)
Favorite Breakfast : Coco Crunch :)

Broken a bone : yes!! it hurt..
Been in a police car :tak
Fallen for a friend : Hm , tak kott .
Fallen for a guy/girl in a short period of time : yeah hahhaha :)
Swam in the ocean : Yes..
Fallen asleep in school : selalu la jugak..
Broken someone's heart : Yes and sowry sesangat yerr .
Cried when someone died : tipu laa kalau gelak -.-'
Sat by the phone all night waiting for someone to call : Err, not really. (usually he will cll or I will call)
Save e-mails : errr 0.0
Been cheated on : yes...

Your room look like : kemas, bile tengah rajin..
What is right beside you : my hndphone (sony erikson)
What is the last thing you ate : Kfc :))

Who did you last yell at : myself .
Who was the last person you danced with : huh? my cazen at kedah :)
Who last made you smile : Of course him ♥ AH

What are you listening to right now : Greenade by Bruno Mars :)
What did you do today : Arrived from kedah to shah alam
Are you the oldest : yes and im the only child :)
Indoors or outdoors : Hm , both

Talk to someone you like : bestiee and him
Kiss anyone : him him ♥ hahaah :)
Sing : Errr..with him :)
Miss someone : Kalau bole setiap saat -.-'
Eat : mestilaa .

You talked to on the phone : Amirul Hakim Roduan
Made you cry : HIM and friends and sometimes myself .
You went to the mall with : bf and friends
Who cheered you up : Family friends and bf :)

Been to Mexico : pergh!! lambat lg smpai -.-
Been to USA : lagi la tak kn...

Have a crush on someone : Yes and its him ♥ AH
What books are you reading right now : Journal
Best feeling in the world : make my family proud of me
Future kids name : tak pikir lagi..haha
Do you sleep with a stuffed animal : nope..
What's under your bed : beg , ksut , mcm2 lagi . HAHAH
Favorite sport(s) : Badminton :) saya rasa
Favorite place : rumah..for sure..
Who do you really hate : banyak gila..
Do you have a job : student lagi lorh
What time is it now : 8.34pm..:(

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